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  • September 2017
    • Welcome to new lab members Buse Aktas and Richard Nuckols!
  • March 2017
    • Congratulations to Yashraj Narang for receiving the Certificate of Distinction in Teaching for his dedication in ES240 (Solid Mechanics) last semester.
  • January 2017
    • Congratulations to Dr. Paul Loschak for starting a new job at Medtronic!
    • Alperen Degirmenci gave a guest talk at John Hopkins University LCSR Seminar.
  • December 2016
    • Congratulations to Prof. Howe for receiving the Harvard Learning Incubator Faculty Fellowship!
    • Congratulations to Yashraj Narang and Prof. Howe for receiving the NRI-NSF grant to continue their efforts in achieving selective kinematics and stiffness in flexible robots.
  • August 2016
    Our work on Advanced Real-Time Visualization for Robotic Heart Surgery is featured on the NVIDIA Developer website.
  • July 2016
    • Prof. Howe have a talk on Design, Sensing, and Motor Control in Biological and Robotic Systems at the TTI/Vanguard Conference on Autonomy in Brooklyn, NY.
    • Congratulations to Dr. Paul Loschak for successfully defending his dissertation!
  • May 2016
    • Alperen Degirmenci and Qian Wan presented their work at ICRA 2016.
    • Yashraj Narang was selected as a Commencement Marshal for his service to the graduate student community.
    • Alex Hassan received the Hoopes Prize in recognition of his outstanding scholarly work.
    • Alex Hassan and Andy O'Rourke won the Dean's Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Engineering Project. Alex was advised by Alperen Degirmenci, and Andy was advised by Peter Hammer.
  • April 2016
    • Daisuke Yamada, principal engineer at Toyota Research Japan, joined the lab as a visiting research scientist.
    • Alperen Degirmenci's haptic art is now on display at Le Laboratoire Cambridge until June 25. The art was created in partnership with rAndom International to explore the idea of a haptic Turing test.
  • January 2016
    • Qian Wan's paper on grasping was accepted to ICRA 2016.
    • Alperen Degirmenci and Paul Loschak's paper on robotic cardiac catheters was accepted to ICRA 2016.
  • December 2015
    • Prof. Howe presented latest work on grasping at ACRA 2015.
    • Qian Wan's paper has received an award at ACRA 2015.
  • November 2015
    • Paul Loschak and Alperen Degirmenci presented at NERC 2015.
    • Qian Wan’s paper on grasping was accepted to ACRA 2015.
  • October 2015
    Paul Loschak and Alperen Degirmenci presented a poster at the NAFIMA Workshop at IROS 2015.
  • September 2015
    • Paul Loschak and Alperen Degirmenci gave talks at IROS 2015.
    • Paul Loschak chaired the Surgical Robotics I session at IROS 2015.
    • Prof. Howe presented latest work on grasping at ISRR 2015 in Italy.
  • July 2015
    • Alperen Degirmenci has received an NSF Travel Grant to attend IROS 2015
    • Paul Loschak has received an IEEE RAS Student Travel Grant to attend IROS 2015
    • Leah Gaffney received an honorable mention award during the SEAS Design & Project Fair
  • May 2015
    • Paul Loschak was chosen as a PC member on the MICCAI CARE committee
    • Qian Wan gave a talk on data-driven grasping at NEMS 2015
    • Alperen Degirmenci presented his work on micromanipulation at NEMS 2015
  • April 2015
    Congratulations to Dr. Frank Hammond who will be joining the faculty at Georgia Tech as an Assistant Professor in the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
  • March 2015
    • BioRobotics Lab members present posters at the 2015 IDEAS Symposium
    • Paul Loschak and Alperen Degirmenci received the Bok Center Certificate of Distinction in Teaching
  • January 2015
    Paul Loschak received the American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship
  • November 2014
    Inexpensive, Durable Plastic Hands Let Robots Get a Grip - The iHY Hand was featured on IEEE Spectrum
  • October 2014
    Alperen Degirmenci received the Bok Center Certificate of Distinction in Teaching
  • September 2014
    Laura Brattain's paper on instrument tracking and visualization was voted one of the three best papers at the AECAI Workshop, MICCAI 2014
  • July 2014
    We welcome our newest PhD student, Yashraj Narang to our lab.
  • November 2013
    Peripheral Vision 0013: Robert Howe on why simplicity is the key to building a better robot hand Engadget
  • October 2013
    Robots to the rescue
    Harvard Gazette
  • October 2013
    Biorobotics Lab members present at NERC
  • May 2013
    TakkTile was featured on Science World Report, GizMag, Discovery News, and more!
  • June 2012
    Congratulations to BioRobotics Lab member Laura Brattain, whose talk was voted second prize in the Audience Awards and selected for extended oral presentation at the 3rd International Conference on Information Processing in Computer-Assisted Interventions (IPCAI 2012) on June 27, 2012 in Pisa, Italy
  • May 2012
    NEW! Fast, cheap, and easy:
    High performance tactile array sensor using off-the-shelf components.
    Open source design
  • March 2012
    The Economist | Monitor:
    An open-source robo-surgeon
  • January 2012
    The Economist:
    Surgical robots The kindness of strangers
  • December 2011
    Prof. Rob Howe is named a 2012 Fellow of the IEEE for contributions in haptic interfaces and robotic manipulation
  • September 2011
    The SDM hand was featured in the Harvard Crimson: Robots in Motion
  • September 2011
    Paul Novotny's GPU instrument tracking paper was one of two runners up for the Young Investigator Publication Impact Award at MiCCAI 2011
  • April 2011
    The SDM Hand won TreeHugger's Best of Green Award in Science & Technology for bio-inspired design
  • March 2011
    Samuel Kesner's work on Robotic Catheters was selected for the University Research and Entrepreneurship Symposium (URES): (Mass High Tech, SEAS Website, Harvard Gazette)
  • January 2011
    Biorobotics Lab alum Amy Kerdok '06 was featured in SEAS's Q&A with Amy Kerdok '06 (Ph.D.)

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Our research focuses on the role of sensing and mechanical design in motor control, in both robots and humans. This work draws upon diverse disciplines, including biomechanics, systems analysis, and neurophysiology. The main approach is experimental, although analysis and simulation play important parts. In conjunction with industrial partners, we are developing applications of this research in biomedical instrumentation, teleoperated robots, and intelligent sensors.

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